Monday, 5 February 2018

Mastiphal – Sowing Profane Seed (Demo 1994)

Country: Poland

1. Intro - A Dawn Of Pagan Deeds 03:48
2. Aim / I.Sowing Profane Seed / II.Worship... 08:45
3. Confirmation 05:49
4. In The Shadow Of Nastrand 07:41
5. Outro - Calling 01:13

Mastiphal is one of the earliest black metal bands to appear in Poland.
Formed in 1991 under the name Dissolution, they originally started as a death metal band.
By 1992 vocalist Flauros and guitarist Cymeris, adopted the name Mastiphal changing their musical style to black metal.
The band’s fondness for synths had been evident even in the Dissolution days, 

but would become more prominent with Mastiphal.
The founding duo even employed a full-time keyboard player alongside a bassist and drummer.
All together they released the group’s first demo, entitled "Sowing Profane Seed".
A year later Baron Records issued their first full-length album entitled "For A Glory Of All Evil Spirits, Rise For Victory".
In 1996 the band returned as a trio and released a promo/demo with two new songs, 

a cover of KAT’s "Mag-Sex" for the compilation "Czarne Zastępy: W Hołdzie KAT" (Black Hordes: Tribute to KAT), 
and the track "Summoned Howling" that appeared on Full Moon Production’s "A Tribute to Hell – Satanic Rites" compilation.
In 1997 Mastiphal signed a deal with Full Moon Produtions for the release of a mini-album, "Bloody Heresy

and for a full-length entitled "Vampiric Prose".
They started recordings but these releases were never finished and never released.
By 1999 the band was put on hold due to creative differences between Flauros and Cymeris.
Flauros had begun the side project Darzamat in 1995 and when Mastiphal ceased activity this band became his sole focus.
In 2009 a return would occur with the release of a compilation called "Damnatio Memoriae" by Witching Hour Productions, that included all previous studio recordings as well as live material.
The band that re-emerged was now utilizing three new members that contributed on 2011’s album "Parvzya".

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