Sunday, 29 January 2017

Desiderii Marginis – Songs Over Ruins (1997)

Country: Sweden

1. Songs Over Ruins I 04:46
2. Scintillate II 06:28
3. Ephemeral 07:05
4. Chrism 03:59
5. Entombment 04:53
6. Ashes 04:24
7. Solemn Descent 05:00
8. The Core Of Hell II 05:08
9. Embossed In Bones, Hidden... 04:15
10. Songs Over Ruins II 05:02
11. Chreston 05:38

Desiderii Marginis ("Edge Of Desire" in Latin) was formed by Johan Levin in 1993 in Mjölby, Sweden as a solo project.
The initial intention was to release just a few demo tapes with material 
that failed to fit into the repertoire of his main band at the time, The Wounded Meadow.
The first three tapes "Consecrare", "Via Peregrinus" and "Triptych" were released in limited editions. 
Some of these songs later appeared in new versions on his critically acclaimed album "Songs Over Ruins", 
released on Cold Meat Industry label, while these three tapes were released 
as a cd compilation entitled "Years Lend A Golden Charm" later in 2009.
Apart Desiderii Marginis Johan is also involved in the team Galtagaldr, playing authentic medieval music, 
and using instruments like the Greek bouzouki, dulcimer, flute, oboe and other of that era.
Among his other interests, history, medieval art and architecture, calligraphy, philosophy and archeology,  
Johan works in the archaeological department of the museum province of Östergötland.


  1. Wow... thanks for this one. And please can you upload more BANDS/ALBUMS from the extinct label COLD MEAT INDUSTRY and all its sub labels, and similar labels?

    1. I'll do my best :-)
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