Wednesday, 27 July 2016

In Deum Maledicus – Acies (MCD 1995)


Country: Italy

1. Acies 08:32
2. Calling 09:25
3. A Vivid White Sign 01:43

In Deum Maledicus was a short lived black metal project by two ex-Novembre members 
Giuseppe Orlando (drums, vocals) and Fabio "Puccio" Vignati (bass, guitars, keyboards). 
The band was formed in 1994 and their sole release was the "Acies" MCD 
that was recorded in Random Music House studio (Rome) during 15th/16th of January 1995. 
The MCD was released by Cysboileed Productions and featured 
two lengthy songs of atmospheric and melodic black metal and an outro. 
A second MCD was supposed to follow up but this was never happened. 
Nowadays Giuseppe Orlando plays drums for Deinonychus, Airlines Of Terror and The Foreshadowing 
and also works as an engineer at Outer Sound Studios in Rome, while Puccio committed suicide in 2014.

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