Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Triumphator ‎– Wings Of Antichrist (1999)

Country: Sweden

1. Infernal Divinity 04:34
2. Conquered Light 04:02
3. Heralds of Pestilence 06:45
4. Burn the Heart of the Earth 04:11
5. Crushed Revelation 05:20
6. Redeemer of Chaos 04:09
7. The Triumph of Satan 03:58
8. Goathorned Abomination 06:26

Triumphator is a Swedish black metal band that was formed at the end of 1995 
consisting of Tena, songwriter/bass player, and members of the local Linköping band Blasphemous.
Their debut promo-demo "The Triumph of Satan" was recorded in May of 1996 and released a month later. 
The tape sold quite well, despite the lack of promotion.  The Blasphemous members were kicked out in early 1997, 
and replaced by Arioch (Funeral Mist, Marduk) on vocals/guitar and Fredrik Andersson (Allegiance, ex-Marduk) on drums.
This was the line-up that recorded the 7'' ep "The Ultimate Sacrifice" at Necromorbus Studio 
and their first and only full-length "Wings of Antichrist".