Monday, 1 July 2013

Cosmic Death – Crimson Nightgate (Demo 1997)

Country: Sweden

1. Stjärneldens Riddare 04:01
2. The Dark & the Spawn of my Thoughts 03:09
3. An Heartless Hymn of Shadows 03:06
4. Mantled in Dimlit Memories 03:44

Black/Thrash Metal project with Andreas Hedlund (from Vintersorg and Otyg fame), 
Crille Ljungblad and Fredde Lindberg.
They only released one demo which was called ‘Crimson Nightgate’ in 1997 before splitting up. 

Crille and Fredde raised the project again in 2006 but Vintersorg is not a part of Cosmic Death anymore. 
Since their resurrection they released two demos, Transfiguration Black (2007) and Perdition Haze (2010).


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