Monday, 31 May 2021

Blackwinds – The Black Wraiths Ascend (7'' EP 1999)

Country: Sweden

1. The Black Wraiths Ascend 06:38
2. The Watchers 02:47
3. Share My Doom 05:40

Blackwinds was Lord Mysteriis (Setherial, ex-In Battle etc.) project
which he formed around 1998 during Setherial's downtime.
In 1999 he released the debut EP "The Black Wraiths Ascend"
with the help of Zathanel (Blot Mine, ex-Sorhin, ex-Setherial etc.) on bass
and Lord Kraath (Setherial, ex-Egregori) who handled the vocal work and guitars.
The EP was released through Bloodstone Entertainment in a limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies
and was recorded and produced by the band at Greencastle Studio.
After a long hiatus
Blackwinds gave a sign of existence in 2008 with the release of "Origin"
that presented the three tracks from the sold out debut EP plus four unreleased tracks
featuring Infaustus (Sorghegard, ex-Setherial) on vocals.
The same year Blackwinds released their first, and only, full length album "Flesh Inferno" on Regain Records.

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